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I am a student at the Telkom Purwokerto Institute of Technology who is currently studying informatics engineering in 6th semester. I was born in Sindangheula, Central Java and I really like to learn something new about technology. In my spare time, I like to write about the world of technology that I know.

At Scientia Square Park

At Scientia Square Park


below is a list of my contacts and social media

Whatsapp : +62877 9485 3484

Instagram : Regiapriandii

Twitter : Regiapriandi4

Youtube : Regi Apriandi


Some photos taken that might spoil your view on the screen

At Sawah Kertasari, Brebes by regiapriandi At Tanah Lot, Bali by regiapriandi At Salem, Brebes by regiapriandi At Cibingbin, Brebes by regiapriandi At Salem, Brebes by regiapriandi At Pandawa Beach, Bali by regiapriandi At Masjid Agung, Semarang by regiapriandi At Sindangheula, Brebes by regiapriandi